More than 2 thousand employees resigned from the occupied Donetsk railroad


The logistics of the Russian occupation forces relies on the use of railways, but they systematically do not pay salaries to workers in this industry in the TOT. 

The average salary in this industry in the TOT is 24.3 thousand rubles (less than 10 thousand Ukrainian hryvnias). At the beginning of this year, payments to employees were completely suspended. 

According to the available data, 1.6 thousand people resigned from Donetsk Railways in 2022, and another 750 people in the first half of 2023.

Taking into account the “reorganization” of the railway in the TOT into a single structure “Novorossia Railways” announced by the invaders on May 31, this will involve another reduction in the number of local employees in the industry.

At this stage, the Russian occupation administration is covering this staff reduction with military personnel of the railway troops and partial involvement of Russian Railways employees. The Russians are actively trying to recruit the dismissed railway workers to the Russian occupation army. 

It is assumed that in the future Russia will send workers from the central regions of Russia to these sections of the railroad, as this way it is now covering the shortage of personnel in other industries. 

The National Resistance Center once again emphasizes that only the speedy de-occupation of Ukrainian lands can return peace and tranquility to the local population. If you have information that can speed up this process, please contact our chatbot.

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