News review: the occupiers fail passporting, and civilians need to leave the TOT to help the AFU

News review: the occupiers fail passporting, and civilians need to leave the TOT to help the AFU

The situation in the temporarily occupied territories remains difficult. The enemy continues to aggravate the humanitarian crisis in the regions. Driving people to hunger and poverty, the occupiers offer social benefits and money if TOT residents take a Russian passport.

But Ukrainians continue to put up heroic resistance despite the pressure of the occupiers. Therefore, in occupied Berdiansk, the occupiers were able to distribute only about 800 Russian passports.

Note that before the war, more than 113,000 people lived in the city, of which 88,000 were adults. That is, less than a percentage of residents received a Russian passport in two months. Such figures best demonstrate the level of local support for the occupiers.

The Russians are deliberately creating a food crisis in the occupied territories and blocking social payments from Ukraine. They offer their help in exchange for obtaining a passport from the Russian Federation. But even under such conditions, there is no demand for this waste paper among the local population.

Meanwhile, the Russians are deliberately shelling Enerhodar, despite the nuclear power plant located in the city.

The purpose of the shelling is to threaten Western countries and nuclear blackmail. At the same time, the Russians accuse the Ukrainians of shelling for the domestic audience, despite the presence of precision weapons in the Armed Forces.

We should also note that the goal of the Russians is to discredit the supply of Western weapons to the Armed Forces. However, the Russians are not shelling their lands for this. The picture is created by strikes in Ukrainian cities such as Enerhodar or Donetsk.

But even this night for the occupiers did not pass without many losses. In particular, the day before, on August 28, unknown people killed ex-Deputy Oleksiy Kovalyov in Hola Prystan.

The former deputy was shot dead in his own house, his girlfriend was hospitalized with stab wounds. The occupiers immediately surrounded the house and began large-scale “filtration measures” in the city, but to no avail.

Kovalyov was a People’s Deputy of Ukraine from 2019, but in 2022 he switched to the side of the occupiers and joined the occupation “government”, where he was the only local among visiting Russians. In June, the occupiers already announced an unsuccessful attempt on Kovalyov.

The Center of National Resistance emphasizes once again that collaborators do not live long. Traitors are killed by those they betrayed or by other traitors. At the same time, the Russians are “clearing the field” for their visiting gauleiters.

Our underground continues to keep Melitopol’s occupiers in suspense. On the night of August 29, explosions and shootings rang out in the city. The resistance movement continues to perform tasks in the city. The algorithm is simple: partisans work – the number of Russians decreases.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an active offensive in the South, in particular, they broke through the first line of defense of the Russians in the Kherson region. The development of events at the front is too active and dynamic, so we once again call on citizens to urgently evacuate from temporarily occupied territories and help the Armed Forces. Otherwise, the Russians will use you as a human shield.

This is already done by parents of schoolchildren who do not want to send their children to schools to study according to the Russian curriculum. Over the past week, the number of families with children who left the temporarily occupied territories for free Ukraine has significantly increased.

So, over the past week, on average, 500 children and their parents have been leaving through southern checkpoints a day. One of the reasons is the beginning of the school year and the occupiers’ policy of coercion in sending children to “education”.

However, most parents understand that this is not education, but Russification. The occupiers took their “educators” to the occupied territories, who are supposed to engage in propaganda for Ukrainian students. The documents confirming such “education” are not recognized by the world, and in fact, the future of children is at stake.

Currently, the Russians are increasing the pressure on parents and threatening fines and confiscation of property. At the same time, they promise to pay a one-time aid of 10,000 rubles for each child sent to “school”. However, even such a policy does not produce results.

The occupiers continue to prepare their pseudo-referendum in the temporarily occupied territories. Although they are practically ready organizationally, realistically they cannot find true participants for a fake show of will. The townspeople are not going to visit the “precincts”.

Moreover, even the “observers” and the so-called members of the commissions are afraid to come to their workplaces. All because a high level of “bangs” in the air is systematically recorded in the places of headquarters and “polling stations”. And it is known to cause allergic exacerbations among the occupants and collaborators. Some “allergics” turned out to be too sensitive, so the representatives of Putin’s United Russia party canceled the work of their headquarters in the Kherson region and fled in disgrace.

Therefore, the Center of Resistance emphasizes once again that there will be no vote on September 11 on TOT. Only a picture for Russian propaganda. Therefore, ignore the fake manifestation of the will, because there is only one choice: slavery or slavery. Especially since the appearance next to the so-called precincts can be quite dangerous.

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