Note on actions to be taken when an occupier is detected

Currently, Ukrainian troops are conducting an operation in order to liberate territories occupied by Russia. In some directions, the Russians fled, but the remnants of their groups may still be in the liberated territories.

Despite the fact that Russian propaganda tries to pass off the escape of Russians in Kharkiv Oblast and other regions as a regrouping, but their soldiers fled so quickly that they forgot their equipment and their “comrades”.

In some regions, Ukrainian security forces are carrying out measures to identify remnants of the Russian army for their subsequent capture. However, Russian soldiers are often discovered by local residents.

If you spot an enemy soldier, report it to the Ukrainian military or law enforcement. Do not argue with them and do not try to delay yourself.

Please note that sometimes Russian servicemen change into civilian clothes, so be on the lookout for unknown men on the territory of the community and it will not be amiss to check your documents if you have the opportunity. Do not forget, the main thing, in this case, is not to expose yourself to danger.

You can report the location of Russian soldiers either through a special bot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or you can submit it through a form on our website. Using the same links, you can share information about the movement of the occupier’s equipment and their positions in the temporarily occupied territories.

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