Occupants are destroying the medical system in the TOT

It is becoming increasingly difficult to receive professional medical care in temporarily occupied territories.

The Russian occupiers continue to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the TOT. In particular, in temporarily occupied territories, it is almost impossible for the civilian population to receive quality medical care. For example, in the TOT of Luhansk region, professional medical care can be obtained only in Luhansk and only with a Russian passport.

This is yet another proof that the Russians have completely failed the process of forced passportisation in the TOT due to the resistance of the local population. The occupation administrations are trying to comply with the “passportisation norms” sent down from Moscow. Therefore, they are tightening the police and administrative regime and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

At the same time, most civilian hospitals have been transformed into military hospitals, where preference is given to the Russian military.

The National Resistance Centre thanks the civilian population for resisting the occupiers and informing the Defence Forces about the enemy’s location and movements. You can find out how to do it properly here.

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