Occupants are preparing for mobilization in the south


On the temporarily occupied territories of southern Ukraine, mobilization preparations for the enemy army continue to be recorded. 

In particular, the Russians are currently forming a system of military registration of conscripts and persons liable for military service among the residents of the TOT. 

In other words, the occupiers have created so-called “federal commissariats” on the TOT of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. 

At the same time, in their propaganda telegram channels, the Russian occupation administrations regularly post announcements demanding that the local population of military age and persons liable for military service provide personal data and copies of identity documents for further “temporary registration” in the newly created “military commissariats”. 

In addition, residents regularly receive summonses requiring them to report to the local ROA office for ‘military registration’.

The National Resistance Center records every crime on the TOT and no one involved in the ‘mobilization’ will escape punishment. Also, if you have any information about mobilization or other illegal activities of the occupation administrations, please report them to our chatbot.

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