Occupants send students of fake universities to help drivers on the highway to Crimea

The invaders have begun to force young people from Zaporizhzhia region, who study at fake local universities, to “help” drivers in traffic jams on the highway to Crimea.

All this is presented as a youth initiative, but in fact, all pseudo-civic movements such as the “Young Guard” and other occupation formations, to which the occupiers enroll young people under various pretexts, have been instructed to provide masses along the highway.

This is a typical scenario of the Russian authorities – to imitate volunteer movements, elections and other processes typical to a developed civil society. In Russia itself, no civil society exists, and all “volunteers” are funded by the Kremlin and are responsible for the masses.

The National Resistance Center calls on local youth to ignore such processes and not to ruin their lives by serving the invaders.

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