Occupiers allocate food kits at “mobile polling stations”

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians continue the “single voting day” to make a fake picture for the occupation media.

In the Russian Federation, “voting” has been going on for the 8th day (in Luhansk and Kherson regions for the 6th day) on the street and at people’s places of residence. This whole process, called “elections in the Russian Federation”, is aimed at one clear propaganda goal:

to demonstrate the “legitimacy” of the Russian authorities in the TOT and to demonstrate the “unity of the nation” around Putin.

However, an important nuance is that TOT residents are in no hurry to visit polling stations, and therefore the Kremlin came up with a scheme in which the absence of turnout in the “elections” can be hidden. Therefore, the “voting” was extended.

Therefore, that the empty polling stations on September 8-10 can be explained by the fact that everyone has already voted earlier.

However, even at the “mobile polling stations” there is no rush, and therefore in the Kherson region, the occupation authorities began distributing food kits near the “voting points” to create a picture for the “media”.

The National Resistance Center calls on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories to continue to ignore the “elections” and warns of possible provocations by the Russians at the polling stations in order to mobilize their society for war.

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