Occupiers are again robbing garages at TOT

Russians once again raided garages In the temporarily occupied Melitopol, allegedly to search for partisans.

So, enemy soldiers opened garage doors in one of the city’s cooperatives, regardless of whether the owner of the garage left the region or not. Of course, the occupiers did not even play in the “legal field” and did not explain the reasons for the “searches”.

After such “investigative actions”, the garages were left free of equipment and metal, because the soldiers took this property to scrap. In fact, the occupiers were engaged in their favorite business – looting.

We will remind you that the Russians continue to loot the “Sea” shipbuilding plant, which is located in the temporarily occupied Feodosia (occupied Crimea). Since 2014, 60% of employees have been dismissed from the enterprise, and most of the property has been written off by the occupation leadership.

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