Occupiers are burning Ukrainian books in boiler plants on TOT

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russians seize Ukrainian books and burn them in boiler plants.

Books are withdrawn from the funds of general and school libraries. In Rovenki (Luhansk region), cases of mass burning of Ukrainian literature in local boiler houses have been recorded.

Note that the Russians borrowed the practice of burning books from Nazi Germany. at the same time, the Russians justify this by the fact that they remove “Nazi literature”, and all Ukrainian books fall into the list of such literature.

Previously, the so-called “Ministry of Education and Science of the Luhansk People’s Republic” (representatives of the occupation authorities in Luhansk region) sent a document to the heads of city and district administrations, as well as sub-departmental educational organizations, advising them to remove books from the list of 365 items from school library funds.

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