Occupiers are installing additional surveillance cameras in Crimea to fight the partisans

In the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula, the Russians are installing additional surveillance cameras to detect partisans.

To the attention of the Ukrainian underground in Crimea: it became known that the enemy began to install surveillance cameras along the railway in order to counter sabotage. This was a reaction to the successful actions of local partisans, in particular from the Atesh movement.

In particular, at the end of February, unknown heroes blew up the track in the Bakhchysarai district, as a result of which traffic on the track was stopped. The occupiers initially kept the event quiet, and then tried to explain the damage as “the passage of a heavy truck”.

Also, the occupiers have increased checks on the “disloyal population”, so we urge you to clean your phones and be careful. We remind you that on the website of the National Resistance Center you can find instructions on how to clean your gadget so as not to leave a digital trace.

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