Occupiers are intensifying their fight against the hryvnia

Ukrainians in the temporarily occupied territories refuse to use the ruble and ignore the ban on the circulation of the hryvnia.

Since January 1, the occupiers have banned the circulation of the hryvnia, because they are trying to take control of the residents of TOT. Therefore, they want to make TOT residents dependent on payments in rubles, and thus strengthen passporting. Because the passport itself is a necessary condition for receiving payments.

On January 1, he began raiding stores that accept them. Also, the enemy detained money changers, as they were carrying out circulation. In addition, bank terminals are seized during searches.

However, this does not help either, so the occupiers increased responsibility for the circulation of the hryvnia. Now a fine of 300,000 rubles is provided for the sale of goods in Ukrainian currency.

This story clearly illustrates the true degree of local residents’ support for the occupiers, and not the numbers that the Russians draw in pseudo-referendums.

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