Occupiers are preparing for a new wave of mobilization at the TOT of Luhansk region

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Luhansk region, the occupiers continue to violate human rights by mobilizing the local population to join the ranks of the enemy army.

So, even last year, the enemy formed “military commissariats”, which formed lists of residents of the TOT of the Luhansk region with the aim of registering conscripts, who mainly represent the young population of the region.

Now the representatives of the fake military commissariats have developed a so-called plan, according to which they conduct a round-up of checks of available conscripts at “enterprises” and other “institutions” controlled by the occupiers.

In this way, the occupying forces are conducting preparatory actions for the autumn conscription of residents of the TOT of eastern Ukraine.

Note that the Russians once again demonstratively violate Article 51 of the Geneva Convention, which states that the occupying power has no right to force persons under protection to serve in its armed forces or other power structures.

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