Occupiers are putting pressure on Ukrainian businesses to stop accepting the hryvnia

By the end of the year, the occupiers plan to stop the circulation of the hryvnia in the temporarily occupied territories, but it seems that they have problems with this.

The occupiers offer Ukrainians to exchange their currency for the enemy ruble at a rate of 1 to 1.25, which does not correspond to the official rate. Not to mention the fact that it makes no sense for Ukrainians to exchange the hryvnia, because the Russians themselves do not believe that “they are here forever.”

Therefore, the business refuses to pay in rubles, even in spite of fines and threats. Instead, the enemy, on the contrary, tightens the nuts and even removes the terminals. The result was a decrease in goods and a shortage on the shelves of local stores. In fact, Ukrainian entrepreneurs ignore the innovations of the occupiers, and even the Russian soldiers themselves buy goods in hryvnias.

The National Resistance Center calls on the residents of TOT not to cooperate with the enemy and, if possible, to leave the region until it is deoccupied by the Armed Forces.

We should also note that on our website there are practical tips on how to non-violently oppose the enemy and bring Ukraine’s victory closer.

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