Occupiers are settling Russians in place of deported Ukrainians from TOT

The Russians continue to terrorize the TOT and carry out ethnic cleansing.

The Russians continue to follow the Soviet practice of ethnic cleansing in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. They continue the systematic deportation of residents under the TOT under the guise of evacuation which is another sign of the genocide that the Russians are carrying out against the Ukrainian population.

At the same time, they settle Russians in the place of native inhabitants.

For example, 60% of the native inhabitants left the city of Melitopol and moved to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Many else were deported to Russia. Instead, they were replaced by citizens of the Russian Federation, who in most cases have family ties to units of the russian army and representatives of the occupation administrations. Almost all residential real estate abandoned by native residents is occupied. At the same time, the Russians are using the resettled population to create a propaganda image of a “new peaceful life”. Let us remind you that the occupiers are forcibly evicting residents of Starobilsk who have refused their Russian passports from their homes.

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