Occupiers are taking observers from the Russian Federation to the “elections”.

In the temporarily occupied territories, the occupiers could not find a sufficient number of local “election” observers.

Russian “elections” are a complete farce and propaganda imitation, where the result and even the turnout are known in advance. One of the main roles in this performance is played by observers who were forcibly brought to the TOT from the Russian Federation, because the locals refuse to participate in this show.

Yes, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, there are so-called “public observers”. Only a member of the “public chamber” has the right to be one. This advisory body is controlled by Vladimir Putin, because he and the “governors” appointed by him approve the leadership of the chamber in the Russian Federation.

These “public observers” from the Russian Federation are watching the “elections” at TOT, because the occupiers have just created local chambers and have not found a sufficient number of willing people there.

National Resistance Center calls on TOT residents to ignore the elections and not participate in this propaganda show. Previously, the Defense Forces of Ukraine, using UAVs, distributed leaflets in the TOT with a corresponding appeal.

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