Occupiers are trying to continue the deportation of Ukrainians

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Kherson region, the so-called “population evacuation” measures are ongoing.

The Russians continue to deport people from the left bank of the Kherson region. Earlier, they took out their special services. workers from the Russian Federation who were “seconded” to the TOT of Ukraine and collaborators. In particular, mass evacuation measures took place in Oleshki and Nova Kakhovka. The occupiers are taking looted goods with them, including special equipment and medical equipment.

Against the background of their escape, the Russians are urging local residents to “evacuate” the region. In fact, the occupiers are trying to continue their program of deporting the Ukrainian population and resettling it on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In particular, Ukrainians are resettled in regions that have been actively populated by the peoples of the Caucasus in recent decades. Therefore, the Kremlin needs to balance the demographic situation in the region. After all, the Kremlin does not reject the scenario of active liberation movements of peoples inhabiting the Russian Federation.

After the active dissemination of this information to our underground on TOT, the residents of the region refuse such an “evacuation”. The National Resistance Center calls on residents of TOT not to react to provocations and Russians and, if possible, to evacuate to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government.

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