Occupiers brought extras to simulate support for the “referendum” at the ZNPP

Russians took a group of people to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, who pretended to be workers supporting the “referendum” on camera.

Thus, a group of men in civilian clothes waited for the end of the shift at the station and mingled with its staff who were leaving after the shift. On the way out, those who were transported gave interviews to pro-Russian propaganda media and shouted words of support for Russia and the pseudo-referendum, after which they went to the bus in which the “voting” was held and demonstratively filled out the ballots.

This stage is aimed at the Russians themselves, who do not understand why they are fighting in Ukraine. However, even in such stage, Russians demonstrate that there is no secret to voting in a pseudo-referendum.

It should be noted that the Russian “referendum” is not recognized by any civilized country in the world and it is purely propaganda in nature. Ukraine’s Resistance Center urges to ignore the “expression of will” and not to make their work easier for the propagandists.

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