Occupiers cannot find anyone willing to join the ranks of the “volunteer battalion” at the TOT

The occupiers talk about “Nazis”, 99% support of the local population and so on, but reality destroys their propaganda myths.

Thus, in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, the enemy announced the creation of a volunteer battalion named after court fee However, the occupiers did not demonstrate the participants of the battalion, as well as the lines of volunteers, such as were in Ukraine at the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Already in November, Gauleiters admitted that Russians allegedly serve in the battalion. Now the occupiers announced recruitment for this battalion throughout the Russian Federation. At the same time, “volunteers” have not been announced any requirements for joining, that is, the occupiers are ready to take everyone, regardless of the level of training.

However, this set will not change the situation. No one wants to fight in a mythical battalion for the sake of mythical goals, because the main motivator for the residents of the Russian Federation in this war is money, and the residents of the south do not perceive the Russian government at all. Therefore, the battalion will continue to exist only in a fictional world, where the Russian military will sometimes pretend to be masked “volunteers” on camera.

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