Occupiers cannot find employees in their fake administration in the Kherson region

The occupiers created an “administration of the Kherson region” instead of a “military-civilian” one on the temporarily occupied left bank of the Kherson region.

The Kremlin needs the creation of a “civilian” administration in order to create the illusion of a return to the peaceful life that the Russian Federation suffered during the “Ukrainian aggression”. At the same time, “martial law” is still operating in the region, which was introduced by the leader of the occupiers, Vladimir Putin, to intensify repression in the region.

However, the Russians cannot find personnel to work in their occupation administration. Therefore, in fact, the “administration” continues to work in the previous regime, where there is a balance that imitates the activity and there are instructions from Moscow, which are carried out by its proteges.

We will remind you that in the temporarily occupied areas of the Donetsk region, preparations have begun for the “single voting day”, namely the elections of “governors”. Currently, the occupiers are compiling lists of collaborators who will help them conduct a staged show called “elections in the Russian Federation”.

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