Occupiers cannot find paramedics to work at TOT

The occupiers experience a significant shortage of personnel in the temporarily occupied territories due to the reluctance of the locals to cooperate with them.

While Russian propaganda talks about the “stability and improvement” that the occupation brings, the reality is a little different. The occupiers are forced to take their tourers to the TOT to cover the labor shortage.

In particular, the occupiers cannot find paramedics on a permanent basis, so the local population is deprived of the opportunity to receive medical services. The enemy pursues a policy of bringing Russians to the TOT for this purpose, but the overwhelming number refuse to go to Ukraine because of hostilities.

Therefore, the occupiers promise to pay a million rubles for agreeing to move the occupied lands on a permanent basis. However, this does not help to solve the problem, because the population of the Russian Federation does not believe in the propaganda thesis that “the Russian Federation is here forever.”

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