Occupiers cannot start the industry on the TOT due to the departure of the engineers

In the temporarily occupied areas of southern Ukraine, captured enterprises cannot work at full capacity due to the departure of highly qualified labor.

The enemy captured a number of factories on temporarily occupied lands, but they cannot work at full capacity, because the personnel refused to work for the Russians. The problem is particularly acute with engineers who left the region after the occupation.

Currently, where there is a technical possibility, the enemy has begun to manufacture anti-tank hedgehogs and other defensive structures (concrete pyramids), where there is no such possibility – factories cut metal and export scrap to the Russian Federation.

We will remind, earlier in the east, the occupiers closed the mines due to the lack of miners, the lack of opportunity to update the equipment and their unprofitability. Also, the occupiers “privatized” a number of mines, namely the Ilovaisk, Kholodna Balka and mine mines. Kirova. They allegedly found “investors” who actually just plan to cut the mine equipment for scrap.

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