Occupiers complain to Moscow about the decline in popularity among the “loyal population”

The Russians conducted a study on support for the occupation among the “loyal population” on the TOT.

It turns out that the locals who supported the occupation at the beginning began to treat the enemy worse. The main factors affecting this are:

  • increase in the number of occupational troops in cities;
  • enemy personnel live in civilian and municipal buildings;
  • very high prices (two or three times higher than in free Ukraine);
  • lack of work;
  • shortage of medicines which are primarily provided to the occupiers.

At the same time, Moscow reacts to this traditionally – by increasing the power bloc and coercion.

National Resistance Center calls on residents to leave the TOT across the Russian Federation to the free world, because the future of the region until it’s deoccupation is a prison in the open air.

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