Occupiers continue the blockade of Energodar

The local population cannot leave the temporarily occupied city.

The occupiers keep the residents of Energodar in the city in order to use them as human shields. It is impossible to leave the city, the Russians do not let anyone out. According to the local authorities, about 10-15 thousand local residents of the 53 thousand who lived before the occupation were blocked in the city.

The Russians place equipment among the residential buildings of the army and cover themselves with people. They understand that the decrease in the number of civilians will contribute to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to de-occupy the city.

The National Resistance Center thanks the locals for providing information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine regarding the accommodation and movement of Russian soldiers.

Information can be submitted through the form on the website. And also comfortable boots for you. The main thing. make sure that these are exactly Ukrainian communication channels. How to detect fake bots – read here.

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