Occupiers continue to deport residents of TOT in Zaporizhzhia region

The bodies of the occupation administration in the TOT of Zaporizhzhia region are preparing a new wave of deportations from the region under the guise of “evacuation”.

The Russians have already prepared “evacuation buses”, identified groups of collaborators who will monitor the process, and decided to stop the work of “educational institutions” controlled by the occupiers.

It should be noted that the occupiers have already started preparing for deportation. Thus, in some cities of the temporarily occupied districts of the Zaporizhzhia region, buses have already been prepared to take away children and employees of banking institutions.

We will remind that the Russians deliberately initiate humanitarian crises in the temporarily occupied territories by closing hospitals and pharmacies in order to make life unbearable for the locals. At the same time, residents are being ideologically pumped about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “further destruction and repression.”

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