Occupiers continue to “hunt for the hryvnia” on TOT

In Berdyansk, the occupiers raided the city’s currency exchange offices in order to deprive the city’s inhabitants of the opportunity to sell the hryvnia.

The occupiers block the possibility of buying goods for hryvnias, so local people exchange Ukrainian hryvnias for rubles. However, it is unprofitable to exchange money at the exchange rate set by the occupiers, because it is not a market rate.

Therefore, the Russians decided to block money changers who exchange currency at the market rate. In this way, the enemy wants to increase the local dependence on occupation payments. This should allow to increase “passportization”, because having a Russian passport is the only possibility to receive the enemy’s social benefits.

The National Resistance Center calls to ignore cooperation with the enemy and, if possible, leave the temporarily occupied territories.

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