Occupiers continue to kidnap people

In the temporarily occupied territories, local residents continue to disappear, whom the Russians suspect of “disloyalty” to the occupation administration.

People are kidnapped under various pretexts, and then kept in torture chambers. Relatives are not informed of the reasons for detention or whereabouts. They only promise that they will be released in a few days, and in most cases then they do not release.

The exact number of detained people is unknown, because unfortunately relatives do not always report their abduction, because they are afraid of harming the detainee. However, we emphasize that you can do this anonymously. This is necessary to record the crimes of the occupiers and for their further investigation, and it can also speed up the release of your relatives.

You can contact the United Center for the Coordination of the Search and Release of Persons Illegally Deprived of their Liberty as a result of aggression of the Russian Federation 0676508332, 0980873601 (both phones work in Viber, WhatsApp), [email protected].

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