Occupiers deliberately damage Ukrainian passports at roadblocks in the TOT of Kherson region

The occupiers are trying to speed up the pace of passporting in the TOT.

According to information from our underground, an unofficial order was issued by the Russian occupational administration in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. According to it, the Russian military should intentionally cause mechanical damage to Ukrainian passports.

Currently, the Moscow leadership of the occupiers is pressuring gauleiters and collaborators in the TOT to speed up the pace of forcible passporting.

Occupational administration is changing this approach to a more aggressive one. The occupiers give the Russian passport the status of a document which is necessary to survive and solve even the smallest social and household needs. For example, from going outside the city limits, to medical services, which actually puts the local population in circumstances of irresistible force.

The National Resistance Center urges the local population to be careful and not give the occupiers the opportunity to detain you.

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