Occupiers force all hospitals of the Luhansk Region to serve the Russian military

Due to numerous losses among Russian personnel, hospitals occupied by the enemy refuse medical care to civilians.

Several hospitals in Luhansk and temporarily occupied cities and villages of the region have already switched to the format of operation of military hospitals. In particular, Luhansk City Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 3 has already accommodated about 100 Russian soldiers. the hospital in Kreminnaya has also been fully transferred to service.

Luhansk City Multidisciplinary Hospital No. 15 currently refuses to serve civilians and should finally reorient itself to the military in December. The occupiers chose this strategy for the entire temporarily occupied part of the region.

We will remind, thanks to the partisans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it was possible to destroy the positions of the Russians in the Luhansk region.

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