Occupiers have a shortage of collaborators at the TOT of Donetsk region

The occupiers decided to send employees of the FSB (Russian secret police), the police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor’s Office from the territory of the Russian Federation.

The Russians cannot recruit enough volunteers in the temporarily occupied territories to fill the fake organs of the occupation administration. In particular, the TOT of Donetsk region lacks collaborators who are ready to go to work for Russian penal structures. In particular, it is about the so-called police. prosecutor’s office and other structures that should help establish the administrative and police regime.

After the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis and the mass mobilization of men from the TOT, the local population finally stopped believing the occupiers’ propaganda about the “Russian peace”. Therefore, the cities on the TOT are out of the control of the Russians. In order to stabilize the situation, the government of the Russian Federation made a decision to send employees of their Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the FSB and prosecutors’ offices to the TOT of Ukraine. A housing stock is already being prepared for them, actually squeezing apartments from locals, for the resettlement of their workers.

Business trips will take place on a rotational basis, and employees will receive bonuses and even the status of members of the so-called svo. Such decisions were made in order to at least somehow lure personnel to business trips to the TOT of Ukraine.

This situation becomes yet another proof of the general fictitiousness of Russian support for TOT.

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