Occupiers in the TOT of Luhansk region are trying to restart the system of forced mobilization


In the occupied Luhansk region, the occupiers are re-creating “military commissariats” because the previous institutions are unable to deliver the plan of the forced mobilization of Ukrainian citizens.

The Russian occupiers created a commission to liquidate the “military commissariat of the Luhansk people’s republic”, which is managed by local collaborators. The reason is that this body was unable to carry out the plan to mobilize the necessary number of people into the ranks of the occupation army, as local residents avoid conscription in all possible ways.

In its place, the occupiers created a new body called the “federal public military commissariat of the LPR”, the leadership of which was appointed not from local traitors, but from imported Russians. This structure is already registered in the Russian registers under a different tax number than the previous “military commissariat of the of the Luhansk people’s republic”.

We will remind that Russians are planning to create special camps for men of draft age who are “evacuated” from the temporarily occupied territories.

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