Occupiers intensifying the pressure on those who refuse to take a Russian passport

On the temporarily occupied left bank of the Kherson region, the Russians are failing plans for forced passporting.

Despite already one and a half years of occupation, the majority of the population has not received a passport of the Russian Federation, because it does not support the occupation and Russian puppets. Therefore, the gauleiter began to intensify the pressure in order to increase the implementation of Moscow’s plan on forced passporting.

Yes, the enemy is threatening car owners to confiscate their vehicles if they do not receive a Russian passport and Russian license plates by 2024. Also, Ukrainians are threatened not to let their children go to educational schools and kindergartens with further consequences regarding the deprivation of parental rights.

New members of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs from Rostov have arrived in the region to carry out passporting, and they are conducting “preventive conversations”, as well as forming a database of fingerprints of those who agreed to receive red waste paper.

Thanks to the local underground, the names of these “specialists” are known and passed on to the Resistance Movement. Report the movement of Russian tourers via our Telegram chatbot.

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