Occupiers plan to ban the circulation of the hryvnia

The hryvnia is going to be canceled in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region.

From the very beginning, the occupiers tried to withdraw the hryvnia from circulation and replace it with the ruble, but in vain. Most of the population uses the hryvnia, even Russian soldiers themselves do it.

The occupation administration began to artificially lower the hryvnia exchange rate and punish those who exchange money at a different exchange rate. However, this does not help either.

Therefore, the occupiers plan to ban the use of hryvnias altogether and transfer the region to the use of Russian “fantasies”. But taking into account the state of the Russian economy, it is more appropriate for the occupiers to talk about barter exchanges, rather than “rubles”.

Ukraine’s Resistance Center calls on residents to ignore passporting, the transition to the “ruble zone” and, if possible, to leave the temporarily occupied territories until they are released by the Armed Forces.

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