Occupiers plan to create a record of all captured cultural monuments on the TOT

The Russians planned to conduct an inventory of all “discovered” cultural monuments in the temporarily occupied territories.

The corresponding bill has already been sent to the Federation Council. Museum collections, cultural heritage, library funds and old prints should be included in the single register of “cultural heritage”.

By design, all these values will automatically become “Russian”. That is, as a matter of fact, the Russians want to automatically appropriate the captured sights. However, all these decisions of the occupiers have no legal force.

We will remind you that earlier the occupiers took all the funds of the Kakhovsky Historical Museum to the temporarily occupied Crimea. Earlier, the occupiers looted and took away 15,000 paintings from the Kherson Art Museum named after Oleksiy Shevkunenko. This is part of the enemy’s policy aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian nation, because it is museums that research and preserve national memory.

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