Occupiers plan to distribute the occupied housing to collaborators

Gauleiters of the temporarily captured areas of the Donetsk region announced plans to hand over captured housing to collaborators.

Yes, “abandoned property”, which is what the Russians call the empty homes of those who left the region due to the occupation, is planned to be handed over from May 1 to “soldiers of the Soviet Union” and collaborators who lost their property due to Moscow’s aggression.

Currently, the occupation administration is preparing a legislative framework to legitimize the seizure of property. However, we note once again that any decisions of the occupiers have no legal force and are just another international crime.

It will be recalled that earlier the occupation administration of the Zaporizhzhya region announced that it had formed a “notary chamber”, i.e. a list of those who will be responsible for the “legalization” of looting. We emphasize that none of the documents certified by these pseudo-notaries are legitimate. Therefore, these property re-registration operations will not be recognized in the world and in Ukraine. Therefore, they are not proof of property ownership.

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