Occupiers plan to introduce visa regime with Ukraine on TOT

Residents who will need to come to the temporarily occupied territories may now need a visa to enter.

The Rashists are allegedly going to introduce a new access regime from January 1, 2023. However, in fact, such a “regime” is still in effect, because the Russian military still does not allow residents whom they consider to be “not loyal”, and such are the majority.

The ban on return is necessary for the occupiers to stop the outflow of people. In this way, the enemy raises the price for the residents of TOT to leave, threatening that a person will never see their loved ones and their native village again.

At the same time, the Russians actually do not release Ukrainians from the TOT to free territories. Departure is possible only with a pass issued by the occupants. Therefore, in fact, the Russians turned the region into a prison.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center notes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not need a visa to cross the “border”.

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