Occupiers plan to spend 18.5 billion rubles on brainwashing Ukrainian children

The Russians budgeted 18.5 billion rubles for the creation and operation of “Movement of the First” propaganda centers in educational institutions in the temporarily occupied territories.

Yes, 200 branches are planned to be created in Donbas alone in 2023. “Movement of the First” is a Russian analogue of the Komsomol, entry into which is compulsory and voluntary, and membership in it is supposed to “facilitate” the child’s education.

The movement itself is only necessary for propaganda and creating a collective movement that will put pressure on other children. The budget envisages 7 billion rubles to be spent on attracting new members, more than 10 billion rubles should be spent on propaganda activities under the auspices of the movement.

Previously, the National Resistance Center talked about pseudo-social movements created and financed by the Kremlin on the TOT and which are supposed to help “integrate” the captured regions into the “Russian measure”.

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