Occupiers prepared 23 “recruitment centers” for mobilization in the occupied Donetsk region

The enemy continues preparations for a new wave of mobilization in the temporarily captured areas of the Donetsk region.

So, on February 18, Denis Pushylin, who considers himself the head of Donetsk region, issued a decree on the registration of the 2006 youth. The task must be completed by 23 “military commissars” created for this purpose.

It is these young men who have to pass the medical examination by the end of March, which will become the basis for future mobilization into the ranks of the enemy army, because currently there are almost no free people for conscription in the region.

Note that mobilization on seized lands in any form is a violation of Article 51. of the Geneva Convention and, in fact, this order is proof of yet another crime committed by the occupiers on the TOT. At the same time, it is Pushylin who puts himself responsible for the crime with his signature and, therefore, will bear responsibility in the future.

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