Occupiers promise the residents of TOT to return their housing in exchange for receiving a Russian passport

In the temporarily occupied areas of the Zaporizhzhia region, the occupiers promise to return housing to residents who left the region if they receive the enemy’s passport.

Currently, the Russians are registering “abandoned property”. Under this name hides captured property, the owners of which left the Russian occupation. The occupiers settle such property with tourists from the Russian Federation, or “privatize”.

Recently, the occupiers promised that they would return the housing (exclude from the list of “homeless”) those who agree to receive a passport of the Russian Federation. Thus, in fact, property owners are blackmailed by him so that they receive red waste paper.

In addition, the Russians promised to return the hunting weapons, which were previously taken from the residents, if they also receive Russian passports and prove their “loyalty”.

This situation indicates the low pace of passporting at TOT. The majority of residents do not want to receive a Russian passport, which guarantees the owner a life without rights inside the closed borders.

Please note that any acts carried out by the occupation administration are legally null and void, and therefore ownership of real estate remains with the property owners as of February 24, 2022. Therefore, National Resistance Center urges not to be blackmailed by the Russians and not to get a Russian passport.

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