Occupiers ransacked educational institutions in Enerhodar

In Enerhodar, the occupiers are looting educational institutions and kindergartens.

Russians robbed a number of schools and kindergartens. In particular, they removed desks, cabinets and other furniture from the premises. In this way, the enemy prepares for a possible counteroffensive.

As we can see, this policy shows that Russians themselves do not believe that they will stay, because in fact they are simply looting the region while they can.

It will be recalled that earlier the occupiers began to prepare a preliminary plan to evacuate workers of the “Rosatom” at the captured Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Enerhodar. Collaborators and workers brought by the Russians to the station were warned that forced evacuation may begin soon, and therefore they should provide a list of relatives and be ready to leave at the first signal.

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