Occupiers reported the theft of 40,000 tons of winter wheat in the occupied Zaporizhzhia region

The Russians continue to use the Ukrainian subsoil and the land of the temporarily occupied territories for their own enrichment.

Thus, the occupation administration reported on the collection of 40,000 tons of winter wheat from 17,000 captured hectares. We are talking about self-employed shares, which are illegally used by the enemy.

The scheme for obtaining grain from the Russians is simple: farmers must hand over all grain to the “State Grain Operator” at a price below the market price. Then this grain is transferred to the hauliers of the structures, who resell it at market prices and take the spread.

We remind you that earlier the enemy reported the theft of 3.7 million tons of Ukrainian grain, of which 1.4 million tons were stolen in Zaporizhzhia.

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