Occupiers still have problems with passporting at TOT

People continue to refuse Russian passports.

Since the large-scale invasion, the Russians have constantly postponed the passporting of the temporarily occupied territories. But Ukrainians on the TOT are systematically resisting forced passporting.

Trying to mislead people, last month the occupiers’ protégés actively spread the nonsense that from October 30 Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons on the TOT will be officially recognized by the Kremlin as “citizens” of the Russian Federation.

We explained why this is not true, because the procedure for obtaining a passport has not changed. Moreover, according to our underground, the occupiers are increasing the number of Russian passport registration points. Only in the occupied part of Donetsk region there will be three times more such points.

Therefore, all the stories of Russians about the “automatic acquisition” of Russian citizenship by TOT residents are only an attempt to demoralize the local population in order to reduce their resistance.

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