Occupiers take cars from civilians

In the temporarily occupied territories, the Russian military continues to loot.

The occupiers systematically conduct rounds of civilian houses. First of all, they try to find underground, but they have big problems with this. Therefore, the Russians decided to settle their military in empty houses. They use this approach of “quartering” systematically. Also, the military is looking for cars from locals, which they take for their own needs. Often, local residents are subjected to violence if they do not agree with the demands of the occupiers.

In some villages, due to a lack of food from the command, mobilized Russians slaughtered livestock. In some cases, they take more than necessary. They kill animals for their own pleasure and terrorize the villagers.

The Center of National Resistance calls, whenever possible, to leave the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the special operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate our territories.

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