Occupiers tighten the police regime on TOT

The enemy cannot provide safe living conditions and increasingly strengthens the police regime.

Note that it is not only a matter of hunting partisans, but also of looting the occupiers. In particular, the Wagner and Akhmat fighters. That is, Prigozhin`s and Kadyrov`s mercenaries.

The occupation administration cannot prevent this on its own and was forced to ask for help from Moscow. However, police officers use their powers more to oppress defenseless Ukrainians, rather than their “colleagues”, which exacerbates the social crisis in the region.

We will remind you that on the website of the National Resistance Center there are instructions on the organization of the underground in the temporarily occupied territories and compliance with safety rules.

Переглядаючи цей сайт, ви погоджуєтесь з нашою політикою конфіденційності.