Occupiers want to mobilize TOT residents under the guise of “evacuation”

Russians are planning to create special camps for men of military age.

According to the National Resistance Center, the government of the Russian Federation is discussing changes to the resolution “On the procedure for evacuating the population, material and cultural values to safe areas.” One of the issues to be discussed is the process of evacuating conscripted men. In particular, the occupiers want to filter the population in the temporarily occupied territories during the so-called evacuations. They want to take the men to separate camps, where they will be handed over to the military commissars.

The resolution itself also applies to the territories of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is likely that the Russians plan to test this process on the TOT of Ukraine with further application on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We will remind that Russians deliberately initiate humanitarian crises in the TOT by closing hospitals and pharmacies in order to make life unbearable for the locals after that. At the same time, residents are being ideologically pumped about the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and “further destruction and repression.” Instead, residents are offered to leave and promised monetary compensation. In fact, Russians aim to change the demographic composition of the population, and create a propaganda picture of residents “fleeing” from Ukraine.

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