Occupiers want to significantly limit access to the Internet in Luhansk region

In the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, the occupation administration intimidates the local population with new restrictions, but they do not work yet.

Due to the growing influence of the local underground on the TOT of Luhansk region, the occupiers are looking for new methods of limiting the communication of the partisans with the Defense Forces of Ukraine. In particular, the occupiers install wired Internet, access to which is possible only after identification. When using such an Internet, it is important not to turn on the VPN, because this can cause questions from the special services. It is likely that the occupiers will try to fill with a larger staff special centers that are supposed to monitor subscriber traffic.

Currently, such restrictions are not implemented, because they require material support and technical solutions. However, the occupiers are currently publishing announcements of such changes in the information field, because they are trying to intimidate the local population so that they do not transmit information about the movement and placement of units of the Russian Army.

What to do?

  • Despite technical problems and a sufficient number of personnel in the special services of the Russians – do not use the wired Internet to transmit data to the Defense Forces of Ukraine.
  • Use mobile internet and turn on VPN when transferring data.
  • Use Telegram bots to send data.
  • Transmit information about repair work on communication lines so that the Ukrainian underground could prevent the occupiers from restricting access to the Internet.

Additional instructions on the safe transfer of data about the enemy can be found at the link.

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