Occupiers will bear responsibility for keeping Ukrainian prisoners in inadequate conditions

The enemy is holding detained Ukrainian citizens — prisoners of war and non-combatants — in terrible conditions on its territory, and everyone involved in this will bear responsibility.

Yes, our compatriots are placed, as a rule, separately from other prisoners, in the premises of penal barracks in conditions of constant violation of sanitary and hygienic conditions. At the same time, Ukrainians are limited in their walks duration and are given a meager ration.

Thanks to the underground, which reports to us about every place of placement of Ukrainians and provides data on everyone responsible for repression, we know that in places where Ukrainians are held, there are rare cases of various types of violence and restrictions on medical care.

Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases are rapidly progressing among Ukrainians, caused by inadequate housing conditions, and their general moral and physical condition is poor.

In particular, Ukrainians are kept in a colony located in Dvubratskyi (Krasnodar region, Russian Federation). Those responsible for international crimes: colonel Vladimir Govrukhin, head of the institution Alexander Kulagin.

Another place where Ukrainians are illegally detained is the colony in Ust-Labinsk (Krasnodar region, Russian Federation). Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Panasenko is responsible. Also an international criminal is lieutenant colonel Ruslan Sytnyanskyi (who manages the tuberculosis hospital of the Russian incarceration system in the Krasnodar Region).

We will also be sure to say «Hi» to the chiefs of Jail #1 and Jail #5 (Rostov-on-Don), Major Aleksandr Papka and Lieutenant Colonel Pavel Lazoryenko, as well as their colleague from Jail #2 in Taganrog, Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Vlass.

Volunteers of CyberResistance handed over to the National Resistance Center an array of data on penitentiary institutions in Ukraine and the Russian Federation in which Ukrainians are detained. We will publish a series of materials about the persons responsible for holding and torturing Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians.

The resistance movement continues to operate behind enemy lines and is not limited to temporarily occupied territories. All crimes against the Ukrainian people will be remembered.

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