Our land and our freedom!

The fight for our freedom goes on!

We will not stop until the last meter of our land is once again free from invaders.

We do not want someone else’s, we defend our own – native.

The struggle for our freedom is impossible without our underground, without every person who resists in the temporarily occupied territories. It is impossible without those who destroy the occupiers with arms in their hands, who transmit data about the enemy, who spread Ukrainian symbols on the TOT and sabotage russian activities.

Resistance is not only about the Armed Forces. This is about everyone who volunteers, helps displaced people, donates to victory, supports our economy and goes to demonstrations abroad.

Everyone in their place? This is resistance!

Happy holiday to us, Ukrainians.

Happy Defender of Ukraine Day!

Happy Shroud of the Holy Mother of God holiday!

Happy Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks!

Happy Ukrainian Insurgent Army Day!

We will definitely win!

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