Owner of “PMC Wagner” Pretends to be in Bahmut

Terrorist Yevgeny Prigozhin records a video in which he supposedly claims that Bahmut is surrounded, but the video is not even recorded near the city because his security does not allow him to go there.

Judging from the footage in the video, the main Wagner employee is located in the village of Paraskoviyivka, which the enemy declared captured on February 20. The video is provocative and is part of a disinformation campaign against the population of Ukraine, aimed at spreading panic and provoking higher military and political leadership.

It should be noted that Prigozhin is not the first to pretend to be on the front lines while actually being in the rear. In January, he released a photo from a cave in Volodymyrivka near the Soliany Mine in Selydove, claiming there were ongoing battles at the time.

Overall, the Russian command avoids visiting the front lines and therefore does not have a clear picture of the situation. Instead, “commanders” like Yevgeny Prigozhin do not take losses into account.

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