Panic moods grow in Crimea – the occupiers increase mobilization pace

In the cities of the temporarily occupied Crimea, summonses are increasingly distributed.

The so-called partial mobilization of the Kremlin is increasing its pace. Despite the promise that the Axionov collaborator received from the Russian government that there would be no mass mobilization in Crimea, the number of summonses on the streets of Crimean cities is increasing. At the same time, the panicked mood of collaborators and Russians who moved to Crimea is growing.

Russian business, which has entered the peninsula since 2014, is withdrawing funds and preparing for evacuation. This especially applies to the hotel and restaurant business, the season of which failed last year and, obviously, there will be no demand for this either.

The National Resistance Center calls on the local population in Crimea to report the movement of enemy military equipment and personnel through convenient applications and messengers. In particular, the resistance telegram bot, the SBU, or the form on the website of the National Resistance Center.

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