Partisans hunt collaborators, and Russians flee – overview from TOT

The armed forces of Ukraine inflicted yet another defeat on the Russians and forced them to flee from the right bank of the Kherson region, and the underground continues to bring Ukraine’s victory closer. Ukraine’s National Resistance Center has prepared a new overview of the main events in the temporarily occupied territories.

The underground hunts the occupiers

On November 5, a “judge” of the so-called “Supreme Court of the DPR” was shot dead in the temporarily occupied Vuglehirsk. We are talking about a former judge of the Donetsk Court of Appeal who, since 2014, worked in the so-called “Supreme Court of the DNR”. It was he who handed down legally void sentences to captured Ukrainian soldiers. The traitor suffered gunshot wounds and is in a serious condition in the hospital.

Already on November 11 in Melitopol, there was an explosion in the entrance of the house where collaborator Andrii Boyko lives. He holds the “position” of the so-called Deputy Minister of Sports of the temporarily occupied part of Zaporizhzhia. The collaborator was injured.

One cannot ignore the death of the so-called Kiril Stremousov, deputy head of the occupation administration of the Kherson region, who died under mysterious circumstances on November 9.

Well, the life of collaborators is full of risks, because no one accepts traitors.

Note that the Russians were never able to tame the Ukrainian underground. Now the enemy is recruiting 1,000 policemen in the city of Tolyatti, Samara region, to serve in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The local police traitors proved unable to take the region under control and lost the confidence of the occupiers.

At the same time, the occupiers strengthened filtering measures and began to abduct people on the TOT more en masse. Raids are more active in big cities. The CNS became aware of dozens of detainees in recent days. The Russians take the detainees to other cities. In particular, the detained civilians in Nova Kakhovka are taken to the filtration camp in Chaplinka.

The retreat of the enemy

But the main event of the week is the defeat of the Russian army on the right bank of the Dnieper. Before fleeing, the Russians looted the Kherson region en masse, and they are still looting in the occupied regions.

However, looting is the last thing an occupier does before death. Yes, November 11 is the day when Kherson was liberated from Russian occupation. This is not the day when the Russian troops left, they don’t give in when they don’t feel strong. The liberation of Kherson is a merit of the Ukrainian defense forces. This is a victory for the local underground, which has been heroically resisting the enemy for more than 8 months. Our partisans.

The offensive of the Armed Forces was accompanied by the activation of the Ukrainian underground. It was ordinary Ukrainians who were the first to tear down enemy flags and destroy the symbols of the occupier. Instead, Ukrainian soldiers are already waiting for the Ukrainian flag when they are released, which the locals hid throughout the occupation.

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